• Carbon Fibre Top Deck (4.4lbs) ALL CARBON FIBRE. See description of the only carbon fibre top deck on a snowsports product HERE.
  • Circle Strong Trucks (your choice of color)
  • See through wood core top sheet ski
  • EVA Foam and Spike Mat grip (applied)
  • 1 extra set of EVA foam and spike mat grip

Retail Price: $1465.00 CAD + HST (12%) ***price could fluctuate depending on market price of carbon fibre in our area. We are not yet developing stock of this product. Inquire about a leash and belt bonus for this package only available this year.

Add On Options:

  • upgrade truck color to Gold or Black - $15
  • upgrade to black topsheet on ski - $50
  • purchase leash - $18.00
  • purchase U.S.E.D. upcycled seatbelt belt with custom D Ring - $65.00 (At present, this belt is only available for purchase with a Proboard)
  • extra set of grip - $60.00
  • extra set of grip (black reinforced) - $80.00


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