What makes Proboard different than other bindingless products?

Proboard's patented Supertip design allows it to be ridden in all conditions simply by the adjustment of your feet, allowing you to maneuver over the sidecut of the subdeck to have a performance groomer or powder product. The Bideck technology enables Proboard to be ridden in all conditions.

What does it feel like?

When you're in powder, it feels like any conventional bindingless snowsports product. When you're on the groomer it feels like any high performance bideck product. It's like surfing because you can move your feet wherever you need whenever you want, manual like a skateboard, or hang ten like a surfboard.


powsurf snowskate wakesurf carbon fibre

Click to enlarge pictures. Pictured above: the wood model with creator Greg Ryan in the backcountry.

Proboard Specs

Top Deck Weight: Wood- 6.84lbs (no grip) | Carbon Fibre- 4.4lbs (no grip)

Total Weights: with Wood Top Deck- 14.23lbs | with Carbon Fibre Top Deck (6 layers)- 10.4lbs

Top Deck Measurements: Width- 305mm/12in Length-150cm

Ski/Sub Deck Measurements: Tip-165mm Waist-137mm Tail-165mm Length-157cm/62in

Ski/Sub Deck Weight: 4lbs

Circle Strong Truck Measurements: Height- 2.5in/63mm Length between trucks- 22in

***Carbon fibre model comes with rubber dampeners that add 4mm of rise in total - 67mm height in total

Circle Strong Truck Weight: Per truck- 95g

carbon fibre snowskate top deck bindingless

Supertip: the subdeck rising above the top deck, preventing snow from gathering between the two decks and dragging the product down. The gliding surface on the bottom of the top deck aids in floatation when powder conditions are encountered. The orientation of the subdeck and topdeck tips are a patented design unique to Proboard.


proboard designs grip bindingless

Grip: 38c density waterproof closed cell EVA foam with double side adhesive so that clear spike mat can be seamlessly applied. The foam helps your feet sink into the foam to dampen vibrations, allow your feet to contour into the top deck, and get better traction to manipulate the product while increasing comfort. We now offer an option to get it coated in black to help durability and to provide a sleek look.

top deck carbon fibre snowskate proboard

Top Deck: 150 cm long deck, fully concave shape with grip applied to 100% of the surface area, giving you the most stance options possible for the condition you're in.

Subdeck / Ski: has aggressive sidecut required for resort riding while bindingless, with the Supertip in the direction the board is ridden. The subdeck comes in a twin or directional design, yet they are both directional considering without bindings you can switch your feet at any time.


DSC05829 copy

Circle Strong Trucks: After the 5th revision and now boasting one of the lightest trucks on the market at 95 grams per truck, we’ve finally settled on the best design. It’s a rigid design to provide quick response between the top deck and sub deck. Previous trucks had 8 pieces of hardware, new have only 4 further reducing the weight. Snow shedding capabilities have also improved and we’ve anodized them in additional colors. Anodizing helps keep the aluminum from oxidizing and holds a better finish for the life of the truck.