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Monday, 24 October 2016 / Published in The Latest

Hey snowskaters! We know you love bideck and all, we keep getting comments that Proboard is a huge snowskate! It isn’t. Don’t get us wrong, we love snowskating! Bidecks are awesome and we think you’d love a Proboard. You’d be leaps and bounds above the others in experience when you start riding one, but the differences remain in a couple key elements that we believe makes this an all conditions board, so you can drop your quiver and head out to the mountain with the ultimate pow stick. #powtoparkinglot

First: many snowskates are a skate deck that gets all its floatation from a custom made ski and articulating trucks. We made our own snowboard sized carbon fiber top deck with the same concave as a skateboard deck to control a ski we made ourselves. Our trucks are static, taller than a snowskate truck and we also fabricated these ourselves.

Second: Even though you’ll have a distinct advantage over our snowboarders interested in Proboard there are some changes you’d need to made to your riding style. We have the whole top deck you can utilize when you’re in the pow!! Our grip runs the entire length of the board and our sidecut is much bigger, making your ride a bit different. Ride back in the pow, move forward and stand on top of the trucks for groomers!

Third: Our subdeck! Completely different. Our Supertip, a patented design, ensures the front of the board never dives in the snow. Stand back and watch the front of the board plow through the those bumps. Stay loose. Stay on top. Be aggressive. The Proboard likes it rough ūüėė

Our love for bideck products originated in wanting something new. Loving snowskating and riding bindingless, but needing a big mountain ride and wanting to change it up a little. We researched and developed Proboard in Revelstoke, BC. We ride big mountain terrain. That’s not to say snowskates can’t be big mountain. We run demos at Revy and plan to come to other resorts this season. See the differences for yourself this year. Ride a Proboard and tell your friends about the new bindingless bideck snowboard you ripped this winter! It’s not just a bigger snowskate. It’s a whole new ride.


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Monday, 12 September 2016 / Published in The Latest

In an effort to further inform everyone why we think Proboards are so great, we made a mini video series on this one of a kind product, designed from scratch! Not one of these elements are from another company! Watch to understand more!



Sub Deck

Top Deck


carbon fibre snowskate top deck bindingless
Monday, 08 February 2016 / Published in The Latest

Proboard Designs is proud to announce the development of the only completely carbon fibre top deck in the snowsports industry today.  We blend different weaves of carbon fibre, 6 layers thick, to complete the top deck of the Proboard mounted on our one of a kind ski with circle strong trucks.  This is ALL carbon fibre.  No wood, foam, or other materials reside in this top deck.  Our ski is bomber and remains the same but with added side cut this season for even easier carving.

New weights come in as below:

Wood Top Deck (alone, no grip, no ski): 6.84lbs

Carbon Fibre Top Deck (alone, no grip, no ski): 4.4lbs

Ski and Trucks (no top deck): 4.5lbs

Carbon Fibre Top Deck Board ( top deck, ski, trucks, grip ): 10.4lbs

Wood Top Deck Board ( wood top deck, ski, trucks, grip ): 14.23lbs

Believe us when we tell you… this top deck is an attention getter. ¬†It’s so shiny we had trouble taking pictures of it. ¬†It glints in the sunlight on a clear day and it feels light as a feather. ¬†When you lift the entire product you don’t expect how light it is. ¬†Smaller riders will want to consider this top deck as it is lighter and easier to manipulate than its equally sized but heavier counterpart made of wood. ¬†There is slight torsion that takes place when you move on the board and the trucks are a rigid design. ¬†Combine this with the new sidecut on the 2016 ski, and you have a winning combination.

PS- the above model is now for sale.  Black grip, black topsheet ski, carbon fibre top deck.  Interested?  Use our contact page and get ahold of us.

Friday, 14 March 2014 / Published in The Latest

After ¬†the 5th revision and now boasting one of the lightest trucks on the market at 95.5 grams per truck, we’ve finally settled on the best design. ¬†It’s a rigid design to provide quick response between the top deck and sub deck. ¬†Previous trucks had 8 pieces of hardware, new have only 4 further reducing the weight. ¬†Snow shedding capabilities have also improved and we’ve anodized them in two additional colors. ¬†Anodizing helps keep the aluminum from oxidizing and holds a better finish for the life of the truck. ¬†Find these on the new boards soon to hit Revelstoke local shops- The Cabin and Society Snow and Skate.