proboard designs bindingless snowskate
Monday, 23 September 2013 / Published in The Latest

Above: Greg at the S-Games  Image: Vanessa St-Yves

Article originally published in Get Rad Revelstoke by: Tennille Barber  Images: Vanessa St-Yves, Seb Grondin, Tennille Barber, and Rob Alford

Soul riding is a term I’d thought had applied to a sport itself, however, I think I’ve discovered it may apply more to the person riding than the sport.  Have you ever met someone who’s really passionate about not only riding but a creation of theirs that allows them to ride exactly how they please?  These are the people who will push sports in new directions with outside-the-box ideas and willingness to experiment.  They aren’t afraid to fail and go back to the drawing board to try something else.  These riders are essentially artists who will inspire others to ride in new ways.  Greg Ryan and ProBoard aspire to do just that.  I met up with him on a sunny patio to drink beer and talk shop.